Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

After 15 years as a diplomat in Canberra, Beijing and Hanoi, I started blogging when we moved to the Barossa in 2014.

2017 has been all about writing for me, and I am finishing the year believing that might be a published author one day.

After a trip back to Vietnam in 2016, I decided to write about our 3.5 year posting and wrote the first 8000 words during Nanowrimo in 2016, and then added to it doing the Australian Writer’s Centre Make Time to Write Course in early 2017.

Midway through 2017, a blog post I wrote about my son’s teeth being photo-shopped in his school photo went viral, and as I saw huge chunks of my post copied into articles, I decided to give freelance writing a go and signed up to the Australian Writers Centre Magazine and Newspaper Writing Course. As we head towards 2018, I’m hoping to build this into a successful side career.

Spending the year immersed in writing podcasts, blogs and Facebook pages meant that doing Nanowrimo in 2017 was a given, and 3 days before the end of November, I finished the first 50,000 of a novel spanning several generations and set here in the Barossa. I can honestly say I really enjoyed writing and I fell in love with my story the more I wrote and the more the characters and their stories appeared. I’d guess there is another 50,000 words to go, but they won’t be written in a month.

When I am not writing, I work for a winemaker (doing everything but making the wine), am on the committee of our local basketball team and the board of a local community foundation. I spend my spare time hanging out with my husband and boys, enjoying all the great food and wine the Barossa has to offer, and trying to bring a 50 year-old garden under control. Given my love of food (and wine), I try and make time for running and Crossfit but reading until the wee small hours often wins out. I spend more time than I should on social media but I’m a big believer in building communities and I think Facebook groups are great for that.

My blogging is a bit sporadic these days, but you can always find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading.



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