Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m  Angela Pickett and I started this blog almost three years ago when we first arrived in the Barossa Valley. I’ve always wanted to write and I wanted to share my experience of my career change, our travels and our move to this beautiful wine region.

After 15 years as a diplomat in Canberra, Beijing, China and Hanoi, Vietnam, I decided it was time for a career and lifestyle change. In June 2014, my husband, two young boys and I left Hanoi and arrived in the Barossa with a dream of a more fulfilling lifestyle in one of Australia’s premier food and wine regions. While my husband re-started his career in the wine industry after 3.5 years as the stay-at-home Dad to our boys, I completed a Masters in Arts and Entertainment Management and launched a trade consultancy helping small business to explore overseas trade opportunities.

As we have settled into our Barossa life, we bought a fantastic 1960s house  and I started working with a local winemaker. I love working in the wine industry and it’s great working in a small business where my job could be described as anything but making the wine.

In 2017, I decided to wind-up the consulting business and focus on learning as much as I could about the wine industry while also concentrating on writing – both on this blog and a memoir of our time in Vietnam.

This blog is an opportunity for me to share my writing – about everything from motherhood, to career change, fitness, travel and our vine-change/career change experience.

I hope you enjoy it!



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